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Added more unit tests (CH-326)

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Split libchcore to several libraries (libstring, libserializer, libchengine) (CH-319)

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Fixed various issues reported by resharper. Added move constructors/move assignment operators to various classes. Exceptions cleanups. Removed unused code. Removed copy constructors/copy assignments from various noncopyable classes. (CH-318).

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Normalized line ending as specified in .gitattributes (CH-312).

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Changed shell extension to receive its configuration from CH using shared memory instead of relying on WM_GETCONFIG window message (CH-284).

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Got rid of BEGIN/END_CHCORE_NAMESPACE macros (CH-183).

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Bugfix: different layout of shared memory between 64bit shell ext and 32bit application caused explorer to crash (CH-117).

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Replaced obsolete TWStringData with newer TString.

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Added new string class (TString) along with exportable containers for them, that will help solving problem of non-exportable std::wstring (and lack of CString at some places in code).

  1. … 54 more files in changeset.