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Bump version to 1.47.

Fixed problem with copying directories containing trailing whitespace (CH-374)

Fixed problem with shell extension incorrectly identifying operation to be performed when handling more than 16 files at once (CH-370).

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    • +42
Fixed problem with shell extension registration/unregistration when there are missing keys in registry (CH-369)

Fixed problem with TString::Replace() method corrupting memory (CH-366)

Fixed problem with unnecessary migration of task db when created with the same version of CH (CH-359)

    • -1
    • +1
Fixed problem with replace dialog box sizing (CH-355)

Fix output directory detection by jenkins script.

Adjust path detection in jenkins scripts.

Adjusted boost path.

Reverted changes migrating to innosetup 6 due to missing support for WinXP.

Removed run-as-admin requirement for regchext as an attempt to avoid issues with winxp registration.

Fixed warnings.

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Fixed coverity scan-reported issues.

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    • +7
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    • +7
Removed unused file.

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    • +0
Updated sqlite to 3.33.0.

    • -1673
    • +5523
    • -18479
    • +27147
Updated boost to 1.74.

Resolved warnings reported by inno setup compiler.

Removed unsupported installer languages.

Migrated to inno setup 6.

Changed default version of boost to be used for builds.

Fixed warning-as-error issue with newest boost and VS versions.

Enabled enforcing type conversion rules (CH-338).

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Fixed problem with missing icons in shell extension context menu (CH-345) Fixed crash when displaying folder sizes in shell extension context menu (CH-344).

Fixed installer to properly register autorun while installing (CH-343)

Removed unusable removal of CH autorun on uninstall (CH-343)

Removed release-only setting of autorun on every start of CH (CH-343)

Removed command line option --EnableLaunchAtStartup. Option to start CH at boot is now directly tied to registry setting "SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run" and is no longer stored/read in CH config. Updated installer to enable starting CH at boot by writing values to registry instead of trying to launch CH to do that. (CH-343).

Added Spanish language submitted by forum user Vicus (CH-342)

Fixed problem with shell extension not displaying single menu entries (CH-341)

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