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Moved overlapped file position management to reader/writer object. Simplified buffer ordering by using file position as the ordering key (instead of artificial order id). Isolated overlapped memory management to a separate class. Simplified code responsible for retrying reads and writes. (CH-270)

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Separated buffer management from overlapped queue management (CH-270)

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Decoupled overlapped data buffer from buffer queue (CH-270).

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Added lots of logging to filesystem handling functions (CH-206)

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Partial fix for tasks hanging after retrying failed operations (CH-267).

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Fixed problem with task hanging after several re-tries on errors (CH-238)

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Improved engine core exception handling - now all core exceptions have appropriate message and the details are logged into tasks' log file (CH-219).

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Got rid of BEGIN/END_CHCORE_NAMESPACE macros (CH-183).

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Added more unit tests to buffer and buffer queue classes, fixed problems found with those unit tests (CH-161).

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Fixed writing buffer contents to file (0-length buffer content was stored after previous modifications).

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Added unit tests partially covering the buffer and buffer queue (CH-161).

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Fixed the events not being correctly set/reset in some cases (CH-161).

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Added buffer cleanup procedures to ensure buffers marked as end-of-file are properly interpreted when switching to next file (CH-161).

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Removed explicit references to chcore namespace from chcore namespace.

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Introduced preliminary version of async io when copying - early, buggy version (CH-161).

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