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Split libchcore to several libraries (libstring, libserializer, libchengine) (CH-319)

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Fixed various issues reported by resharper. Added move constructors/move assignment operators to various classes. Exceptions cleanups. Removed unused code. Removed copy constructors/copy assignments from various noncopyable classes. (CH-318).

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Removed unnecessary includes. Sorted member initialization in constructors. (CH-318)

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Fixed several cosmetic code issues. Improved detection of same/different disk detection. Switched shared_ptrs to use std implementation instead of boost one. Cleaned up includes in headers. (CH-259)

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Got rid of BEGIN/END_CHCORE_NAMESPACE macros (CH-183).

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Bugfix: fixed problem with scanned files not being cleared in DB when cleared in code causing various problems with serialization (of scanned files) and de-synchronizing stats and scanned files (CH-156) (CH-149).

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Added extended columns definitions to support slimmer row data in the future (CH-103).

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Added serialization of file filters to sqlite database (CH-97).

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Updated subtask, task, and task mgr stats calculation (CH-57).

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Refactoring: split file filtering functionality to two separate files (TFileFilter and TFileFiltersArray).

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