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Updated Polish translation (CH-325) Fixed problem with log levels not being applied on the fly (CH-324) Pressing "view log" now shows the "Log is empty" message instead of trying to create the non-existent log file (CH-323).

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Improvements in shell extension registration process (CH-286). Updated Polish translation.

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Fixed the generation of copy-of names (CH-264)

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Added ch icons to the title bars of most of the dialog boxes replacing the old, generic one (CH-260).

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Added the possibility to specify own copy-of names for files as an alternative to the ones defined in translation files (CH-182). Changed default copy-of names in english and polish translations so that always start with %name instead of word "Copy".

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Changed default setting for showing icons in shelle extension menu. Remove the experimental notice in english text and polish translation of shell extension options. (CH-244).

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Modified updates checking: - added new option to let user decide if he wants secure connection or not (with autodetection), - fixed error messages being displayed incorrectly or empty, - fixed ability to re-check for updates after failure. (CH-241).

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Fixed problem with language change not being applied immediately throughout the program (CH-235). Updated polish language file.

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Polish translation update (CH-112)

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Updated polish translation file.

Updated polish translation.

Changed e-mail contact in about-box to a contact form on www.copyhandler.com, where user can read when he shouldn't write.

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Updated polish language.

Updated polish language to match current english.

Moved log file entries from resources to code (closes [2573419]).

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Added proper header entry for the languages conforming to version 2 of the language structure version (closes [2535957]).

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Updated polish language file (by Ixen).

Updated language for version 1.31 beta.

Updated polish translation with the ictranslate tool.

Changed encoding of the language files to utf-16.

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Moved language files to the ch project dir (advances [#303]).

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