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Added missing dependency to 32bit shell extension directory in 64bit deploy (CH-286)

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Added regchext to installer script and portable creation script (CH-286).

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Modified setup and portable scripts to include 32bit shell extension in 64bit builds (CH-286).

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Added liblogger to the script measuring unit tests coverage (CH-206)

Updated cppcheck script to return more accurate results (CH-272).

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Added liblogger to setup script and zipping script (CH-206)

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Disabled signing with SHA1 completely (CH-263).

Enabled creation of SHA256 signatures for executables (CH-263)

Fixed release timestamping using (CH-231).

Fixed suppression rules (CH-216).

Disabled checking for "unusedPrivateFunction" problems in cppcheck as it returns only false positives at the moment (CH-216).

Disabled reporting of unused functions as there are too many false positives (CH-216).

Corrected several warnings reported by cppcheck (CH-216).

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Removed library libicpf, moved config support to libictranslate, log_file to libchcore (CH-217).

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Fixed additional warnings reported by cppcheck (CH-216) Disabled cstyleCast from being reported by cppcheck.

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Fixed invalid path in jenkins-cppcheck script (CH-215).

Added script for running cppcheck at jenkins build (CH-215).

Added script for executing unit tests under code coverage tool (CH-214).

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Updated output paths for jenkins output to separate internal builds from tagged ones (CH-213).

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Added jenkins signing scripts (CH-213).

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Updated jenkins scripts to output binaries into the directory with the version name in it (CH-213).

Added scripts handling jenkins tasks (CH-213) Updated version template.

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