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Updated inno setup installer script to uninstall locked files after reboot (CH-243).

Translation cleanups and updates (CH-242)

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Completely disabled sending http headers as they are causing trouble not only in WinXP but also Vista. Improved the user agent string. Additional cleanups in update checker. (CH-241).

Modified updates checking: - added new option to let user decide if he wants secure connection or not (with autodetection), - fixed error messages being displayed incorrectly or empty, - fixed ability to re-check for updates after failure. (CH-241).

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    • +1
Fixed version template to include secure and non-secure addresses (CH-241).

Update checker fixed for Windows XP (CH-241).

Fixed problem with directories' timestamps not being preserved (CH-240)

    • -2
    • +28
Disabled SIMD extensions in UUID library in boost (CH-239).

Updated boost build scripts to disable SSE for x86_32 builds (CH-239).

Disabled enhanced instruction set (SSE/SSE2) from x86_32 build to (possibly) allow CH to run on older hardware (Athlon, Athlon XP) (CH-239).

    • -0
    • +4
Fixed unit tests for overlapped buffer management (CH-238).

Fixed problem with task hanging after several re-tries on errors (CH-238)

    • -30
    • +74
Fixed problem with mini-status window showing black 100% filled progress bar for waiting tasks (CH-237).

Reduced dependency on LocalFilesystem within task processing code (CH-236).

Fixed problem with language change not being applied immediately throughout the program (CH-235). Updated polish language file.

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    • +1
Added drop functionality to file list and destination combo in custom copy dialog (CH-25)

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    • +72
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    • +38
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    • +70
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    • +38
Fixed the installer functionality to start CH automatically with system (CH-234)

Fixed problem with restarting move operation that only consisted of fast-move subtask (CH-233).

Task progress data invalid after CH reloads (CH-228).

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    • +22
    • -3
    • +21
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    • +1
Fixed issue with wrong estimated time being shown for non-size based subtasks (CH-232).

Possible fix to a problem with shell extension communication with CH (CH-230).

Fixed release timestamping using (CH-231).

Fixed gui not displaying source path after copy/move operation ends (CH-229).

    • -0
    • +10
Added option to perform fast-move as a pre-block action (or not). By default fast-move will be done after blocking, but before directory scanning. (CH-223)

    • -19
    • +45
    • -2
    • +2
    • -44
    • +4
Fixed the 64bit division problem (CH-227).

Updated sqlite to 3.11.1 (CH-226).

    • -5912
    • +32493
Changed remaining exceptions to use non-macro throwing (CH-219).

    • -10
    • +10
    • -13
    • +13
Fixed suppression rules (CH-216).

Disabled checking for "unusedPrivateFunction" problems in cppcheck as it returns only false positives at the moment (CH-216).

Fixed the task error state when overwriting larger file (CH-222).