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Fixed possible buffer overflows (CH-249).

Fixed several null dereference issues (CH-249).

    • -5
    • +6
Fixed control flow issues reported by Coverity Scan (CH-249).

Fixed uninitialized member (CH-249).

Fixed unintialized members reported by Coverity Scan (CH-249).

    • -12
    • +1
    • -17
    • +17
Fixed possible buffer overflow in translation module (CH-249).

    • -20
    • +21
Fixed wrong enum mapping in shell extension (CH-249).

Fixed issues with uninitialized members (CH-249).

    • -6
    • +1
    • -9
    • +9
Fixed issues with several uninitialized members (CH-249).

Fixed possible buffer overflow in logging mechanism (CH-249).

Refactoring of path expansion routines to fix the possible buffer overflows (CH-249).

    • -0
    • +166
    • -0
    • +46
Fixed possible resource leak when checking for physical disk number (CH-249).

Fixed resource leak while truncating the log file (CH-249).

Fixed possible resource leak (probably a false positive) (CH-249)

Fixed resource leak in shutdown handling code (CH-249)

Fixed several uninitialized variables (CH-249).

Version bump (1.41).

Bugfix: error dialog presented empty error messages (CH-248).

    • -1
    • +5
Fixed problem of importing tasks while other are running (CH-246).

Rough tuning of buffer sizes (CH-245).

Changed default setting for showing icons in shelle extension menu. Remove the experimental notice in english text and polish translation of shell extension options. (CH-244).

Fixed half-empty explorer context menu when using owner-drawn items (CH-244).

    • -0
    • +10
Updated inno setup installer script to uninstall locked files after reboot (CH-243).

Translation cleanups and updates (CH-242)

    • binary
Completely disabled sending http headers as they are causing trouble not only in WinXP but also Vista. Improved the user agent string. Additional cleanups in update checker. (CH-241).

Modified updates checking: - added new option to let user decide if he wants secure connection or not (with autodetection), - fixed error messages being displayed incorrectly or empty, - fixed ability to re-check for updates after failure. (CH-241).

    • -1
    • +1
Fixed version template to include secure and non-secure addresses (CH-241).

Update checker fixed for Windows XP (CH-241).

Fixed problem with directories' timestamps not being preserved (CH-240)

    • -2
    • +28
Disabled SIMD extensions in UUID library in boost (CH-239).