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Added some boost elements to stdafx.h.

Added second batch of new classes related to separating subtasks - many only partially implemented or having only a file holder created.

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First batch of changes related to make subtasks self-contained - added TOperationPlan class along with classes related to progress tracking.

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Moved auto handles to separate file (to clean up task.h/cpp).

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Got rid completely of the old status flags by moving some task configuration settings to a separate class.

Extracted the sub-operation information from status flags to separate object.

Rewritten part of the main processing thread method to not use exceptions to signalize pausing, cancelling, error and kill requests.

Reduced count of data stored in serialization files for destination path object.

Bugfix: Fixed potential problem with constant re-reading drive id.

Added missing serialization for the newly added operation type.

Separated operation type performed by task from the other flags.

Various cleanups - removed unneeded variables, cleaned up code.

Separated task state from other flags (i.e. subtask and task options).

Got rid of additional read request at the end of file when previous read gave info about EOF.

Removed 3 not implemented (anymore) configurations settings:

Small cleanups in code.

Rewritten part of the copy engine responsible directly for copying single file:

Removed configuration option "Create log file" - most of the logging was done without taking this option into consideration.

Extracted most of the basic file operations with feedback support from CustomCopyFile to separate methods.

Got rid of unneeded method.

Got rid of the last but one goto from code.

Uncommented line of code (commented out by mistake).

Reduced amount of information stored in the task description files.

Removed unused strings from the resources.

Got rid of a warning from a static analysis tool.

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Added reporting of missing #define for resources from assertion to output text on cerr.

Removed /analyze option - caused build to fail with AfxWinInit having second argument NULL (which is really quite correct).

Removed storing/loading of total size and processed size of data to/from archive.

Task API improvements - added thread proc delegation function to avoid calling CTask methods with 'pTask->'.

Removed option 'auto-resume on error' - wasn't really used, did not work properly.