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Added basic support for asynchronous logging in CH and libchcore (based on boost log) (CH-206)

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Switched entire code to use nullptr instead of NULL (CH-259).

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Added the possibility to specify own copy-of names for files as an alternative to the ones defined in translation files (CH-182). Changed default copy-of names in english and polish translations so that always start with %name instead of word "Copy".

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Fixed possible buffer overflows (CH-249).

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Fixed possible buffer overflow in logging mechanism (CH-249).

Fixed resource leak while truncating the log file (CH-249).

Improved engine core exception handling - now all core exceptions have appropriate message and the details are logged into tasks' log file (CH-219).

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Removed library libicpf, moved config support to libictranslate, log_file to libchcore (CH-217).

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