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Added possibility to change feedback options for existing tasks (CH-376)

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Fixed crash appearing when approving invalid regex (CH-375).

Added Portugese translation by user igorruckert.

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    ./langs/portuguese (brazil).lng
Removed obsolete WinXP-era theme helpers.

Corrected a few labels in status dialog (CH-368)

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Disabled reporting size speed when searching for files. Adjusted reporting of count/size processed so far by file scanning sub-task to include count of files already found. (CH-368)

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Made status dialog wider to accomodate translated labels (CH-368) Adjusted current path reported by scan operation to be a current sub-directory scanned instead of base path. Disabled sub-task stats when task is in error/cancelled/load error states.

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Updated polish translation related to status dialog (CH-368)

Simplified status dialog by removing two stats related to entire task - processed items/size and processing speed - those are more relevant in subtask stats. Adjusted naming in various labels.

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Removed rarely needed buttons from status dialog in favor of using those functionalities through context menu (CH-368).

Fixed assertion when scrolling options list.

Removed progress state from tray icon tooltip to avoid hiding of tray icon due to different icon name detected by system (CH-364)

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Adjusted mini-view to avoid custom drawing on title bar (CH-46) Added task context menus to status dialog and mini-view. Adjusted paused progress bar color on mini-view to make it more readable.

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Fixed 32-bit build.

Updated polish language resources with additional adjustments to control sizes.

Simplified task edit dialog by removing unnecessary checkboxes. Added new copy option to skip creation of empty destination directories (useful especially when using filtering). Fixed problem with filter combo boxes not being able to fit more text than actually visible on screen. Changed labels of filter list and feedback list from include/exclude mask to just include/exclude.

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Changed the way task xml is generated for enum values - now, instead of enum value number there are string values generated (and consumed).

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Added simple regex validation on rule edit dialogs and filter dialog. Aligned rule edit dialogs' buttons.

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Added filter helper buttons on rule edit dialog boxes to make it coherent with filter dialog box.

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Changed the separator used for filters (vertical line was replaced with semicolon). Adjusted filtering settings dialog to include helper menu buttons with basic explanation of filter possibilities.

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Added support for defining feedback rules in task edit dialog.

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Added graying out controls on rule edit dialog.

Fixed problem with rule data not shown in rule edit dialog box. Fixed tab ordering in rule edit dialog box. Added support for reordering rules in rule edit dialog box.

Fixed sizing of error dialog. Small redesign to avoid blank spaces when not all data available.

Fixed resizing of "not enough space" dialog.

Fixed resizing of rule edit dialog.

Fixed incomplete data filling when using rule edit dialogs. Limit responses available in the rule edit dialogs to those appropriate for specific feedback type.

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Changed feedback dialog settings to not use system modal style. Implemented custom rules button in remaining feedback dialogs. Redesigned remaining feedback dialogs to use more consistent styling (CH-360, CH-361).

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Changed remaining feedback dialogs interface to use all types of rules.

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Added "custom rules" button on "already exists" dialog box. Fixed problems with sqlite data storage. Auto-selection of data in rule edit combos.

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