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Git migration cleanup - reposition libicpf in the right place. Remove obsolete files (CH-208).

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Project and source files' updates to allow them to build under VS2014.

Fixed libicpf project settings for boost (CH-178).

Updated installer and other scripts to support VS2015 (CH-175)

Changed boost paths configuration for build (CH-178).

Added VS2015 projects, updated code to build with this new compiler (CH-173).

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Updated paths to point to boost 1.58 (CH-162).

Updated output directory for binaries (CH-136)

Changed build target to v120_xp (CH-135)

Updated paths to boost libraries to reference boost 1.57 (CH-132).

Added support for running unit tests in VS2013 (CH-89).

Updated boost paths to 1.56 (currently unreleased) (CH-88).

Upgraded VS2012 projects and solution to VS2013 (CH-88).

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Improved unit testing framework integration (CH-51).

Adjust build paths to support simultaneous builds in VC9.0 and VC11.0 (CH-39)

Added VS2012 project files.

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Changed configuration names from (Debug|Release)-Unicode to (Debug|Release).

Fixed memory leaks resulting from missing virtual destructor.

Added std::exception derivation to icpf::exception for easier exception handling.

Removed '/analyze' option from compiler settings (many false positives and too slow for daily builds).

Cleaned up and normalized project settings.

Corrected code formatting.

Fixed problem with project not building itself after last getting rid of release-build warnings.

Changed compiler behavior to treat warnings as errors.

Bugfix: CH won't launch when failed to read task information.

Added support for serializing vectors of mfc strings.

Reoved unmaintained project files.

Fixed some warnings.

Added methods for checking initialization state and changing parameters on the fly.

Bugfix: wrong handling of default config parameters when it was undefined in .ini file.