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Many small fixes detected by pc-lint.

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Disabled mutex debugging.

Added a warning comment for unlock function (about possible crashing of the app).

Better lock/unlock notifications.

Added dependency on macro ENABLE_MUTEX_DEBUGGING.

Updated comments a bit.

Corrected for compatibility with new mutex debug macros.

Removed support for d_mutex in dump context. Too much circular references occured.

Fixed the mutex debugging macros.

Fixed the ifdef macro for MLOCK/MUNLOCK.

Temporary switch to a debug mutex.

Changed initialization of the d_mutex::dumpctx from constructor to a static variable.

Bugfix: lock count was not initialized at construction.

Bugfix: MUNLOCK caused lock().

Added debug mutex to the project.

Included windows.h, since it was needed (side-effect of the changes in mutex class).

Added doxygen-like comments.

Uniformized a bit the standard mutex with a debug one.

Preliminary support for the debug mutex (hopefully simplifying the debugging of a deadlocks).

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Added mutex' constructor accepting a string (and doing nothing with it).

Mutex has been split into the .h/.cpp pair of files.

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Removed support for the pseudo-vector.

Removed support for the pseudo-vector code.

Removed references to a std containers from .h files.

Applied a typecast to prevent a warning.

Applied some typecasts to prevent warnings.

Preliminary, untested support for exportable vector with strict type checking.

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Another correction of the previous mistake.

Corrected error on the callback definition.

Added macro for exporting template class instance.