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Bugfix: tray icon incorrectly reported portable mode in case non-portable mode was enabled.

Bugfix: in shell extension, shortcuts were displayed as grayed out even when valid.

Bugfix: when storing array-values to config file, it wasn't cleared properly earlier, causing multiple entries to be added.

Bugfix: Tasks loaded at startup did not start automatically when the status was right.

Bugfix: exiting CH while copying data caused status to be changed to finished; this prevented auto-resuming at the next launch.

Disabled enforcing drive detection mechanism - some fixed drives (i.e. TrueCrypt volumes) does not report physical drive location.

Relocated and updated some docs (especially important is a command line for building boost).

Added detection of wrong MFC references in the manifest of the generated executables.

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Bugfix: embedding source server info in PDB files was performed only partially.

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Added possibility to generate packages (zip, installer, src and debug symbols) from local (even modified) source code.

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Manual minor version bump for the upcoming alpha release.

Restored usage of 64bit executable of rc2lng in 64bit builds of CH.

Got rid of an "unused variable" warning.

Merged checking for free space with copy/move subtask.

Fixed memory leaks resulting from missing virtual destructor.

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Simple aesthetic changes.

Simplified local filesystem code (a bit).

Moved thread controller to chcore library.

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Bugfix: signaling thread to stop didn't work correctly because stop event wasn't propagated (due to auto-reset).

Deleted obsolete file.

Got rid of unneeded drive number cached in the base path.

Replaced buffer type detection algorithm with the one that should work reliably on any system.

Cleanup of unused includes.

Bugfix: file informations were stored in file even when searching for files.

Moved file between projects.

Bugfix: fixed an infinite loop when iterating over files in a directory in some cases.

Bugfix: deleting parts of string caused memory to be overwritten.

Namespace cleanups.

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Added missing serialization.

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Possible fix for problem with activation context when launching CH (exception thrown from CMainWnd::OnCreate() caused Create() to fail).

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