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Corrected code formatting.

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Corrected code formatting.

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Extracted operation time tracking to a local stats object.

Re-used worker thread controller in clipboard monitoring functionality.

Got rid of unused error code/message field in status dialog.

Bugfix: wrong calculations of the processed/total size.

Removed unused code, made some order in methods' visibility (public/protected).

Changed thread management code to use events and thread waitability instead of volatile bool variables.

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Bugfix: wrong handling of multiple input paths (task copied the first file over and over).

Bugfix: dereferencing NULL pointers caused crashes and deadlocks in some cases.

Removed unnecessary code (LastProcessedIndex).

Second part of changes in progress management - local task stats are now separate entities and does not block other functionality.

Removed unnecessary code aiding in detecting shutdown conditions for functionality "shutdown system after finished all operations".

Bugfix: got rid of some deadlocks when handling progress info.

Changed locking system from simple critical section in task objects (CTask, CTaskArray) to the boost::shared_lock for improved multi-threadedness and safety (might be a bit buggy though).

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Switched from CArray to std::vector in CTaskArray.

Bugfix: Fixed serialization problem (data streams were opened in text mode instead of binary).

Fixed problem with project not building itself after last getting rid of release-build warnings.

Changed compiler behavior to treat warnings as errors.

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Changed compiler behavior to treat warnings as errors.

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Changed compiler behavior to treat warnings as errors.

Fixed problem performing builds for 2 architectures - single pch name was used.

Simplified handling of some file access functions.

Got rid of some goto's.

Small optimization - FILETIME no longer needs to be converted to COleDateTime when setting directory/file.

Got rid of warnings on level 4 (win32 and x64), turned on option to treat warnings as errors.

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Changed internal implementation of serialization from icpf::file to a more stable boost::serialization.

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Properly configured Dutch and Traditional Chinese translations in the build system.

Updated German translation by White-Tiger.

Added Dutch translation made by Jurgen@CH-CF.

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