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Added option to perform fast-move as a pre-block action (or not). By default fast-move will be done after blocking, but before directory scanning. (CH-223)

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Reduced number of errors and warnings reported by cppcheck (CH-216).

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Adjusted the way progress (in percent) is calculated and displayed to mitigate the problem of files being deleted at 100% progress (CH-146).

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Got rid of BEGIN/END_CHCORE_NAMESPACE macros (CH-183).

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Added partial support for modifying count of buffer while copying (CH-169).

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Basic support for serializing task manager data in/from sqlite database (CH-71)

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Updated subtask, task, and task mgr stats calculation (CH-57).

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Rewritten statistics handling for sub tasks, tasks and task manager (this commit introduces some issues that needs to be further fixed). Only basic tests performed (!)

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